Welcome from theAmerican G.I. Forum (AGIF)-Saginaw MI

Welcome to the Saginaw Michigan Chapter of the American GI Forum Website.  As a Veteran Service Organization, we partner with the surrounding community and endeavor to blend in an array of activities and programs that benefit all of our citizens. 

In 1956, a group of Mexican-American veterans in Saginaw organized the American GI Forum of Saginaw (AGIF).  Current membership consists of 30 men, 20 women and three youth who work out of their Saginaw GI Forum Building at 604 Oak Street, Saginaw, Michigan, 48602.  AGIF is more than just a veterans’ organization; we are dedicated to promoting education to qualified local Hispanic students each year, but recognize the need for more programs for youth from kindergarten to 12th grade. 

The American G.I. Forum (AGIF) is a Congressionally-chartered Hispanic veteransand civil rights organization.  Its motto is “Education is Our Freedom and Freedom should be Every body’s Business”.  AGIF currently operates chapters throughout the United States, with a focus on veteran’s issues, education, and civil rights.

What is the American GI Forum?

The American GI Forum (AGIF) is a Veteran’s Family Organization whose basic purpose is to secure the blessing of democracy at every level of life for all citizens.  The AGIF helps foster and enlarge equal educational opportunities, economic opportunities, equal justice under law, and equal political opportunities for all citizens, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.  The AGIF also ensures that minorities are adequately represented by the organization at policymaking and administration levels of local, state, and national government in all departments, agencies, bureaus or other governmental units.  The AGIF has been combating all practices of prejudicial and discriminatory acts in life, which curtail, hinder, or deny to any citizen an equal opportunity to develop full potential as an individual.  The AGIF is especially beneficial to young people because it fosters and promotes the broader knowledge and appreciation of cultural heritage and language.  The AGIF never uses violence or illegal methods in pursuing these objectives.

Who can join the American GI Forum?

Any American citizen above the age of 10 can join the American GI Forum for a nominal fee.

What is the American GI Forum’s objective?

The objective of this organization is to procure equal privileges for all veterans and their families, and also to promote educational, cultural, social and economic advancement to foster a real democracy.  The AGIF also provides information and motivation on education, scholarship, and post secondary opportunities.  It establishes youth leadership and motivation values.  It helps educate through academic and technical scholarships to promote career opportunities.

For more information email:  agifsaginaw@att.net